Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Flowers & Fabric = Bliss!

Two of my most favourite things which give me that 'warm tummy' feeling are vintage fabrics and flowers both together at once well I may pass out!

I'm so lucky to be working in the fashion industry where I hunt out vintage treasure far and wide to adorn my knitwear design...along the way I find cottage treasure too which sometimes needs a little TLC which I have plenty to offer!

This beaded bowl of flowers was tucked away in a local charity shop amongst other homeless pictures…I stood and looked and thought… Wowee all that work, flowers and fabric and all for £3.00…would you like to come home with me and hang on my wall? A little paint and a clean = Beautiful!

Look at how real the Anemones’ are…rescuing from talent is even more special!

I had a little purge at a wet booty where the only stalls that turned out were plant sellers…a little afternoon of potting to be done whilst Master L is napping.

Rosey Rosey…I’m lucky to have some very mature roses growing in my teeny tiny cottage garden.

I’ve been busy knitting, cutting and sewing this week designing for Autumn/Winter 2012…how gorgeous is this vintage fabric…a dress maybe!

Unfortunately I can only show you snippets of my designs as each one is sold with the copyright…I’m sure you can get the gist!

Thanks for reading... I love blogging but do find it hard to find a few moments with the lappy and a coffee…I’ve done well today yippee!

Lots of flower/fabric love X