Monday, 6 December 2010

Scattered around our home... an array of items I've homespun!

yI love to make things for my family, friends and oneself, my day to day job is running my fashion and textile business where I design and make sample garments for the fashion industry which are bought by designers such as Marc Jacobs to Anthropologie to Top Shop and Next.

In my spare time on an evening when Beaky is in bed, I curl up on the sofa and make make make!

Below are a small sample of pieces I made at the beginning of the year and items created for the Homespun and Vintage Fair were inspired by my past creations - Photo's to follow

Syd the croched rabbit is showing off his corsage!

Patchwork wool blanket made for my Beaky whilst I was has been used as a playmat so much but as Lennon was a very very sickie baby a mussie was drapped over to protect it!

Hair clips, brooches and corsages...I love to wear pretty accessories.

Thanks for peeking.

Lots of crochet love.


Sunday, 5 December 2010

A special bash for a special boy!

Beaky's Birthday 'One year old'

What a beautiful September day, hence Granny Max's fab collection of vintage deck chairs outside the village hall ( which if my Dad had his own way would be perfect fire wood - a million miles away from Mum and I who have a magpie instinct in collecting and rescuing all things shabby!

Our village hall is ideally joined on to our cottage (I felt like we had an extension for the day!) Daddy D and I really wanted to have a lovely get together for Lennon, his family and for the wonderful group of new friends we have made on our adventure into parenthood.

I had a vision of having a big play area for the babes and a tea room style seating so everyone could sit together and enjoy the array of yummy food on offer...the piste de resistance was Daddy D's food art! Which took 2.5 hrs; he made me giggle during the creation as he said “if our clients could see me spending hours on some cheese and sausages than doing their website they'd think I'd gone mad! Gary is so creative and he really was in his element!

Check out those divine cup cakes...lasted all of 5 minutes!

My two gorgeous boys! xxx

I can hire Daddy D out if these tickle your fancy!

Can't wait until next year xxx

Lots of happy love


Shall I show you how to 'STITCH' the Cath Kidston beautiful Provence Rose Pin Cushion?

During a mooch around Cath Kidston in York, I was approached by lovely Mary the assistant store manager with a question "Chez can you do tapestry?"

Mary and I met over the fabric cutting table in CK whilst I was in the early stages of pregnancy last year. I was choosing fabric to cover the hood and to make bumpers for a 1950's mosses basket on wheels for me baby beak (photo to follow) which I'd purchased from an auction. Mary and I have lots in common and she knew of my day job and I felt privileged to be asked to host a 'Stitch' master class for the launch of CK new book.

"Yes I'd love to" was my answer and a week or so later a parcel fell through the letter box stuffed with the prelaunch signed book, tapestry canvas, threads, needles, all packed in a spotty bag...sheer delight!

I chose the Provence Rose Pin Cushion as my project to show the group of 60… yes 60 people who popped along to see me run around frantically and show all the eager ladies (and a couple of husbands) how to make this beautiful pin cushion.

I was supported through the evening by four lovely friends, here's Linda ready and waiting surrounded by lots of CK loveliness!

Naomi also came along, please read her blog it's wonderful she is my fellow mummy friend...the most amazing friend - we think the same, love the same and our boys are the bestest friends and will be forever.

Lovely Mary keeping us all stocked up with thread, tea and the most delicious mini cup cakes with edible glitter - Kirsty Allsop eat your heart out!

Look at the concentration on those girlies, everyone was so quite concentrating so so hard, all I could hear was the slurp of tea and the odd "Help I've gone wrong!"

I really did have a fabulous evening and thanks to everyone who popped along for some fun and stitching frolics!

Sorry that my photos are so poor but I really was run off my feet, I must have done 10 laps of the store…wish it was a super Cath sweep!

Image of cute pin cushion to follow at present she is in the studio and I'm sat by the log fire in the cotts...the icy steps to the studio are bellowing stay away!

Oh and a special someone is getting one from Miss S Claus!

It snowed a little bit...then a little more...then 24 inches later! Ahhh

Here in our quite village on the North York Moors we became home stuck for 10 days due to living on top of a where to go apart from our cosy cottage full of christmas presents to make, toys to play with and my blog to begin.

Out side we had the most beautiful scenery, amazing yet dangerous icicles and homes buried beneath the cold white stuff which I think we've adopted for some time!
Rose Cottage peeps out from the snow, it looks so pretty...quick get in side it's freezing out out for the icicles above your head!

Baby beaky (our son) and I made sure our fellow feather friends are well fed in this cold cold weather, I love to get as close as I can and observe our little friends tweeting around the garden.
The studio...not an easy walk this morning, snow up to our wellies and those steps to climb...Daddy D where's the shovel!
Wow or is it help!...have you ever seen anything like it! Freckle and I ventured down the garden for a little adventure. Freckie do you need help there pups?
During our 'home stay in' for such along time gave me the time to begin my long awaited blog which I have been planning for such a long time. I have been an avid fan of the blogging world for so long, I've loved finding inspirational and talented creative's who are getting themselves heard which is such a delight in this mass produced world.

I'm a lover of all things homespun and vintage and have had the pleasure with my dear friend Linda of holding our first Homespun and Vintage Fair in October this year. We have lots of lovely plans for 2011 and will be blogging our advetures through, creating, crocheting, sewing, baking, motherhood, building our nests and having fun and giggles.

Please stop by again to visit me as I'd love to hear from you.

Keep snug and warm

With love