Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Creating, family fun & enjoying my surroundings!

The little wanderer has returned...hello lovelies!

Wish I could say I've been somewhere nice but life's been full of spinning many plates at once, family sadness and keeping everyone happy.

I'm sat at the kitchen table inbetween helping Daddy D with Design Farm Studio jobs and I'm having a little skive to fill you in on my days gone by which have made me smile.

Firstly... many hours at the knitting and sewing machine creating design samples for Spring/Summer 2013...organza flowers, pale grey delicate knitwear with a skinny belt thrown in!

Pretty vintage silk paisley with pinky pale pontelle knit.

Chunky orange crochet with vintage vibrant violet 20's crepe floral print.

50's print collar complimenting teal chunky pontelle knit.

Mmm a little polka dot always goes down a treat with a tricky stitch in white cotton.

Lace and smocking = divine duo!

Workie work is followed by a bargain £5 per adult visit to see the animals at Flamingo Land, we have lived in North Yorkshire for seven years and we drive past the village where FL is situated three times a week and yet this is the first time we have popped in to say hello to all the animals. We had a wonderful time and all the animals looked happy and they made us smile.

Meet Clive the Sealion, he was very fun and so talented. Alan his trainer was one of my brothers dearest friends at school and it was so lovely to see him after all these years looking so happy, full of passion and loving his job!

Lennon and I snuggled up with the Meerkats!

We couldn't forget little Freckle waiting so patiently at home, on our return I grabbed my wellies and we took a stroll around the back of the cottage to visit The Ginger Pig's Belted Galloways and our boys Button and Stitch for a run in the field. The perfect weekend!

With lots of animal love