Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The wonders of The Wartime just makes me smile with sheer happiness!

Pickering's Pop Up Vintage Tea (upstairs at Reeds - Made and Found)...was the place to devour delicious cake and savouries, drink tea from old vintage china, laugh, meet wonderful people old and new...all in memory of Madge & Eric (Jenny's Mummy and Daddy (you'll see Jen at the end of the post having her calves rubbed by a gifted customer!)

Madge's Tea Room...I made these pretty menus to hold all the yummy selection of treats on offer!

Anne's gorgeous 40's window display

Madge (on the left)...I love the 40's fashions

Jen, Anne and Jan...hardworking gals!


and her wonderful husband Eric

Quick..."they're running out of cake!"

The most amazing chocolate cake...Hen you would have loved this, it got devoured in the first hour, handmade bunting from The Handmade & Vintage Love-A-Fair's Tea Room!

Fab Fourties Ware!

Winston (V for Victory and all that!) and his wonderful wife Mayme, two of the lovliest people I have ever met, they dress vintage stylie everyday, a dear couple after my own heart, I could quite honestly say I wish they were my Grandparents!

Anne having five...she was a super trooper!

Hen (from Henhouse Homemade) Mr H and the was so lovely to see you again, you all looked amazing and Hen your hat and brooch were truely 40's gorgeousness xxx

This 40's ladies look was just so thought through even down to the way her divine knitted top buttoned together at the neck and her matching corsage!

Hen...Coffee and Walnut?

Mr Gifted giving Jen's sore calves a good rub! All in a day's work in Madge's Tea Room!

Lots of Fab Fourties Love



  1. Absolutly fabulous!!
    Your cake was yummy too!!
    Love Helen xx

  2. Hi Cheryl-Ann, thanks so much for the link to your blog and the only photo which seems to exist of the three of us from the weekend! You have tortured me with pictures of yet more cake but no complaints from me as my carrot cake was yummy. You all did a fabulous job with the tea room, and you are certainly blooming. Loved your dress and pinny. We enjoyed the weekend and have ventured to Whitby and the Eden Camp with the Munchkin choosing York (of course) tomorrow for his birthday.
    Take care,
    Hen xxx

  3. It was lovely to meet both you and Anne on Saturday and I must say your cakes were to die for!! Loved the pop up cafe we could have sat and "people watched" all day. We enjoyed the event so much that now we've got the bug!! Lucey x

  4. cheryl that is absolutly lovely what you have put on here your photos and comments so kind if madge and eric could see it and have been there they would have loved thank you so much. you are a very special person and i enjoy working with you. jenny x x

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments Helen, Hen, Lucey and Jen...wish we didn't have to wait another year!

    Hen, I hope the Munckin had a wonderful birthday in York and you managed to take a peak around the lovely shops.

    Take care Ladies...lots of vintage love X