Monday, 6 December 2010

Scattered around our home... an array of items I've homespun!

yI love to make things for my family, friends and oneself, my day to day job is running my fashion and textile business where I design and make sample garments for the fashion industry which are bought by designers such as Marc Jacobs to Anthropologie to Top Shop and Next.

In my spare time on an evening when Beaky is in bed, I curl up on the sofa and make make make!

Below are a small sample of pieces I made at the beginning of the year and items created for the Homespun and Vintage Fair were inspired by my past creations - Photo's to follow

Syd the croched rabbit is showing off his corsage!

Patchwork wool blanket made for my Beaky whilst I was has been used as a playmat so much but as Lennon was a very very sickie baby a mussie was drapped over to protect it!

Hair clips, brooches and corsages...I love to wear pretty accessories.

Thanks for peeking.

Lots of crochet love.



  1. Hi Cheryl! I'd been hoping you'd do a blog for ages. Can't wait to read it all. You are so clever. You make some gorgeous stuff. x

  2. Love it, love it, love it!! Mwoaahh xx

    P.S I have my christmas stocking hanging in the living room, it looks stunning as it's the same colour as my sanderson curtains!! x

  3. Happy New Year Cheryl and your lovely family, hope your Christmas was lovely and that your 2011 brings lots of joy and happiness for you all x
    Andrea x

  4. I love the crochet rabbit x

  5. Hi Cheryl - love looking at all your home spun goodies! I'm feeling ready to pop at the mo, not long now... I'm so impatient!

    Hope you don't mind, I've tagged you

    Speak soon, will let you know if anything happens with Miss Bump! Send my love to your two boys xxx

  6. Oh gorgeous things . . . you are soooooh clever,
    Love Helen