Sunday, 5 December 2010

A special bash for a special boy!

Beaky's Birthday 'One year old'

What a beautiful September day, hence Granny Max's fab collection of vintage deck chairs outside the village hall ( which if my Dad had his own way would be perfect fire wood - a million miles away from Mum and I who have a magpie instinct in collecting and rescuing all things shabby!

Our village hall is ideally joined on to our cottage (I felt like we had an extension for the day!) Daddy D and I really wanted to have a lovely get together for Lennon, his family and for the wonderful group of new friends we have made on our adventure into parenthood.

I had a vision of having a big play area for the babes and a tea room style seating so everyone could sit together and enjoy the array of yummy food on offer...the piste de resistance was Daddy D's food art! Which took 2.5 hrs; he made me giggle during the creation as he said “if our clients could see me spending hours on some cheese and sausages than doing their website they'd think I'd gone mad! Gary is so creative and he really was in his element!

Check out those divine cup cakes...lasted all of 5 minutes!

My two gorgeous boys! xxx

I can hire Daddy D out if these tickle your fancy!

Can't wait until next year xxx

Lots of happy love


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  1. Love the blog hun, I've been finding it really hard to find things to write about lately but as you said in your comment, I'm sure inspiration will return!
    We tried calling Rose Cottage on Sunday but you must have been out enjoying the snow. I hope you're not suffering from too much cabin fever!
    Love to you three from us three xxx