Sunday, 4 September 2011

My weekend Part One - My Farmhouse Kitchen creation for The Ginger Pig at The Speciality Fine Food Fair, Olympia

Come on inside at The Speciality Fine Food Fair running from 4th - 6th September, for a glance at The Ginger Pig stand number 944. Here you will find my titavated and collated Farmhouse Kitchen full of delicious Ginger Pig produce.

This is the 2nd time I've been asked to design a stand for a food fair which The Ginger Pig have been part of.

I set up The Ginger Pig stand on Saturday morning with the help of Jayne 'GP London Manager' - she was so great and we had a giggle along the way.

Follow the transformation below of bare industrial stand to a little bit of Yorkshire in London...

Wow all that space to fill, I was certainly in my element! First things first hanging many meters of Linen against the walls.

The Ginger Pig have been very busy!

Making pies, their delicious sausage rolls, sausage and bacon just to name a few. Les the baker has been busy at Grange Farm (Levisham) making lots of Ginger Pig yumminess for the fair goers to taste, along with one of his 3 tier Pork Pie Wedding Cakes to wow you...

A wire pig that I found at a booty for all of £3, pegged with Ginger Pig flyers!

A teeny tiny tea pot filled with Violas looked so cute sat on top of the chiller. I also added a handmade vintage piggy bunting to add that welcoming touch!

Mmm delicious pies...

The 'Ginger Pig Meat' book, a very recommended purchase, Gary and I have been loving lots of the recipes!

A new venture for The Ginger Pig - The Ginger Pig Meat Kitchen Classes are now available…call Amy on 01751 460802 to book your place.

Fresh free range straight from the Farm.

Hope you've enjoyed your e-visit to the fair, it certainly was a fab day and I hope The Ginger Pig have a good few days.

Lots of Ginger Pig love,

C x


  1. Hi just found your blog and I love it!! Just going to make a cuppa and read a bit more right now, Lucey x

  2. gosh! this is just so delightfull! you are so creative and capable! i wish i was there to enjoy this at first hand : )

  3. Hi Lucie and Demie,

    Thanks ever so much for your lovely commemts, you're so sweet! Can I ask a silly question and find out how you found me as I find all this blogging world so intriging...Thanks do much for following me I really appreciate it.

    Kindest regards


  4. Oh Lucey, I'm so sorry I spelt your name wrong on my last comment xxxx