Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What a wonderful day at the Homespun & Vintage Fair

Hello and welcome into our October Homespun and Vintage Fair, where you will find beautiful handmade creations, festive sparkle, cosy treats, cake, tea in vintage china, vintage fabrics and eiderdowns and good old fashioned fun and laughter = a shabby chic happiness fair!

Thank you to all those who popped along excited and friendly, it was so lovely to meet you.

Once again we all had such a successful day, take a peak at a few photo's

Lots of Homespun and Vintage Love xxx

The beautiful tea girls Franny and Naomi...also below is Baby Baxter who came to stay for the evening after the fair, couldn't resist showing him off 'A perfect end to a perfect day'


  1. What a lovely fair I had such a wonderful time looking at all the goodies, my husband could not believe that I could look round for 2 hours! Men - honestly.............Every stall was full of wonderful things and there were so many talented ladies. Here's to the next one

  2. Hello again - I commented on how wonderful the square cards wiht Merry Christmas on were - the ones strung on ribbon. You said a friend made them. Did they both go as I thin there was red ribbon and a green ribbon. I can.t stop comparing them to every other Xmas dec I see this year and thus I need them. I am still kicking myself over the cream metal cabinet I missed in Thirsk because I didn't act on my need!!!! Can you let me know where I can buy these from if not yourself. Regards Catherine