Monday, 9 January 2012

Not been too far away...missed you x

Better late than never...

Happy 9th day of 2012 to you, I hope that your first few days have been full of wishes coming true, resolutions being successful, fun and giggles.

My little life has been so hectic in so many ways, work, life and family sadness. But what I've discovered is life is too short to not have some true little pleasures like being creative and having the odd smile.

I've just been looking through my little camera which is popped into my bag every day to record all my goings on (maybe one day Lennon will follow my journey into blog land and hear my ramblings!)

I thought a few little photo's of 'Merry Christmas 2011' would be a great starting point, creative cheapness hanging from our Cottage door (above)

Hand stamped 'Merry Christmas' hanging from the beams...I love this new addition to the festive trunk!

I had to show you Lennon's cluster of decorations at age 2 love love it! one being a beautiful handmade reindeer by my dear friend Naomi.

A little vintage lace and glass robin which adorned my beautiful Christmas gift from Anne at Made and Found, the perfect addition to my festive family.

I've started to collect handmade decorations for Lennon, one per year so eventually he'll have his own set hand picked by his Mummy to one day decorate his tree ( I hope his future lady approves of my taste)

Three tiny knitted stockings hung from our mantlepiece!

Titervated wicker heart which I found in Wales, a little crochet snowflake, ribbon and!

How lovely are these snowflakes which I strung together...bought from the Homespun and Vintage Fair. A festive record done, now onto my lovely family weekend...

Lets start with! - Quiche Queen Chez (named by my Manchester Girlies) put her hands to some buffet grub for my newphews Christening!

Caramelised onions, crispy bacon, feta, peas, brocolli, spinach and sundried toms...delicious!

My Big Bro, my fab sister in law and my divine Newphew James or as I like to call him 'Mr JT' (any other Justine Timberlake fans will understand)

Mmm which boy shall I eat first...gorgeous James, Lennon and my Mr D xxx

Finished off today with the most refreshing walk through Levisham station and onto the forest drive, perfect for Bugaboo wheels, scenery, doggy fun and falling in the mud. (Lennon)

Granny Mac with her Mum, Freckle and me love a good old walk with a flask of coffee and biccie to boot!

Broody! x

Me and my fine little fella's x

Beautiful sceney and check out those hanging cones on the trees, how beautiful would that tree be decked out in tiny white lights, I definately think I have enough decorations in my festive trunk to adorn it!

New growth and colour.

Mr Independant, pre fall in to a mud bath!

One more thing to add which makes me have that warm fuzzy feeling - our new addition to our mini pet farm, rescue Rabbit Nora Nibbles, making friends with Lennon's teddy!

and the cat cushions, Frenchy and Delilah!

Thanks for popping by.

Lots of family love xxx

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  1. Gorgeous post Chez...loving those little boys....little heart breakers and your new sweet is Nora??
    Anne xx