Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Monday's Makes with love from Nora!

Log burner on - Check
Brew 0'clock - Check
Radio 2 on - Check
Knit machine revved up - Check
Every gorgeous textile and treasure I can find - Check

I day of make make make...vintage inspired adornments and fashion samples (sorry that I can only show you a glimps of my sample garments, copyright is the name of the game)

Pretty vintage inspired Cheryl-ann Taylor made in England adorn accessories...

Designing for Spring/Summer 2013 starts with a little polka dot shirt style top and lots of vintage cream ruffles, belgium lace, devore pansies and crochet of course!

Its really odd as I design for SS in the Winter months and AW in the Summer months...actually today has had a little spring feeling up here in Yorkshire.

Last little note is to say that Nora Nibbles is settling in just swell in her new home with bedtime kisses from Master Len.

When I was young I used to rescue all my friends pets when they'd decided that they'd had enough, my poor Mum and Dad would find me on the door step with either a kitten, rabbit or guinea pig clutched under my arm...Lennon has 2 Mini Shetlands, 2 rabbits, 3 cats and 1 gorgeous dog, is there any room for more - I'm sure he has a bit of his mummy in him!

Lots of makey and Nora love

C x


  1. What lovely wears! I would love to be a bit more hands on with crafting but cant find time at the moment! Thanks for your comment on my blog - and nice to meet you over the blogosphere! I will keep reading yours x

  2. Hello there Cheryl Anne HNY to you and yours. I too had my beautiful banner up - I put it in the kitchen on the wall where the units have been taken down and the tiles are off to try and brighten it up and it worked!! Family noticed the banner which they thought was old and not the dodgy wall decor. I spotted the little dresser cross stitch in the background .I did that from the Prima mag in the 1980's I think - it has reminded me to get it out and frame it again. We had it in a frame and years ago when Alan was out of work we had picked up a beautiful old poem for my Mam in charity (when you could!) but the frame was broken so as we had no money we took the dresser pic out of its frame and used it. I have several x-stitches I made rolled up in a poster tube I should look them out. Only people who make and sew know how much work goes into such things. Anyway hope 2012 is going to be good and hope there will be more wonderful fairs to go to. My daughter in law is like you she designs ahead and is always thinking differently to the weather outside. She designs for Jeffrey & Paula and has done a new range for Lee Cooper as well as M&S swimwear, she worked for Jeffrey Rogers after leaving college but is now freelance. I wish she would let me try samples! as the J&P range is Plus size, I also wish she would listen to me when I tell her what large ladies like and feel comfortable in, but hey ho. Have been squirrelling away some lovely Xmas decs etc in the sales, ready for next when I am going to have new approach of old and stylish decs and not so much clutter!