Monday, 14 March 2011

Pigs, Pies and Prettiness!

A good few months of fun, hectic days and exciting times have come to an end after my weekend styling The Ginger Pig at the International Food Event (IFE – Excel London). Here's Julie and I standing proud amongst the pretty and porky Ginger Pig stand!

For the past four years Gary and I have been working for The Ginger Pig, a butchers and farmers of rare breeds reared in North Yorkshire who sell their produce in their four London shops . We have such a wonderful time working with all the staff and I have the pleasure of taking Tim's (the owner's) wonderful ideas adding a little bit of Design Farm magic along the way.

This year I was asked to style and create their stand at IFE an event in London which enables business from the food industry to show off their produce and gain interest from potential new customers. My theme was 'Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen'.

What an exciting and 'Right up my street' old time I've had! Making, designing, finding rustic farmhouse props, photography, learning the trade of sign writting...what a dream job!

Les and Julie the bakery creatives at Grange Farm (The Ginger Pig HQ!) made the most wonderful produce, the star of the show was their Pork Pie wedding cake - it was a show stopper!

I've had so much fun titivating with pastry roses, metal tractors and all things rustic farmhouse kitchen!

Yummy yummy pork, preserves, pies and hams all decorated with ginger bulb buckets, wooden ginger pigs and rustic props - surrounded by the most gorgeous stripey linen.

Look at that giant sausage roll!

The Ginger Pig's pork pies were voted in the best 10 in The Independent this month so good work The Ginger Pig!

Here are our quirky name badge rosettes we created to be worn on the linen aprons we had made, they looked fab...oh and a little post card to show off their lovely produce!

After setting up the stand, I was taken to the Marylebone shop on Moxon street where I chatted to the staff and had the chance to potter aroungd the shop which was good for me to see all that has been going on as I haven't visited since I became a mummy.

Whilst I was stood with David outside a customer walked into the shop and we heard him declare to his family "This is the best butchers in London" - well I agree!

Lots of Piggy love xxx

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